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Online Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics

Academic Experience

The University of Washington online Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics is for working professionals who want to advance their careers in supply chain transportation and logistics. This program is also a great fit for business systems analysts, process analysts, project managers or people interested in transportation or logistics consulting.


The Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics program prepares students for the complex challenges that face industry professionals today. It delivers advanced skills and best practices in a variety of disciplines, including finance, sustainability and performance management. 

Featuring a balance of engineering and business courses, the curriculum emphasizes four cornerstone themes:

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Explore ways to use data to gain visibility throughout the supply chain and use that insight to make critical decisions.
  • Integration and Collaboration: Learn the best practices for integrating and sharing data, optimizing cross-enterprise business processes and creating an open and mutually beneficial culture.
  • Presentation Skills: Practice your written and oral presentation skills by working on white papers, memos and presentations.
  • Critical Thinking: Exercise your ability to analyze, assess and reconstruct a problem and evaluate solutions.    

You’ll explore traditional and emerging topics, including:

  • Making the supply chain lean, green and resilient
  • Deploying and managing information technology (IT) across the enterprise
  • Managing transportation risks and disruptions
  • Handling inventory management and supply chain integration
  • Administering facilities and operations

Program Format

The UW Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics is a flexible, 43-credit program that can be completed in two years of part-time study, or in one year, if desired.

The program begins with the Residency Weekend in Seattle. Students take the first course SCTL 501: Introduction to Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics and have the opportunity to engage with peers and become familiar with UW resources.

The program continues online with one course per quarter for eight quarters. All students complete the same courses in a defined sequence, moving through the curriculum as a close-knit group known as a cohort. Courses include live online classes supplemented by recorded materials and self-study modules that can be completed at any time. Students have the option to double up and finish the program in one year.


Students will gain hands-on experience by tackling a real logistics or transportation challenge of their choosing. The practicum project gives students the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained in the program to solve a contemporary supply chain problem.